HODI’s 24 Sussex Drive Rehabilitation Project (24SDRP) aims to help the federal government restore this historic landmark and end the deadlock over its fate.

Canada’s Official Residences Act (Section 2 and Schedule 1) specifies that the Prime Ministers’ official residence cannot relocate without a new Act of Parliament (which would amend or repeal existing laws or put new ones in place). Section 6 adds a statutory duty to “maintain” the existing property, keep it “in repair”, and “improve” it “as required”.

Officials claim the maintenance, repair and improvements of 24 Sussex Drive would cost over $36 million; that the current location threatens security; and that Canada needs new reception facilities for 125 guests.

HODI has a proven track record of networking with experts in architecture, construction and business. As an experienced not-for-profit corporation, it can access the know-how to renovate 24 Sussex at a cost well below the government’s quote of $36 million, and propose both security and functional solutions, all in compliance with Canadian law.

HODI looks forward to sharing its systems approach with officials – to both restore and upgrade the building, save taxpayer dollars, and celebrate Canada’s history.

HODI’s 24 Sussex Drive Renovation Project is led by Project Director Ken Grafton. Ken is founding partner and president of Rideau Oxford Engineering Inc., a civil engineering consulting firm with operations in Ottawa, Winnipeg, and Quebec. Ken has extensive experience in built-heritage remediation and managed many such projects (some mid-19th century) at CFB Esquimalt, including Hatley Castle (then part of Royal Roads Military Academy) with Defence Construction Canada (DCC). He gained further architectural experience with noted Ottawa architect Mike Kohler. Ken has managed large projects, to $785M USD contract value, and has helmed construction start-ups in the telecommunications space in Canada and the U.S., as well as globally across the EMEA, CALA, and APAC regions.